Welcome to Misery Tourism Games!

At Misery Tourism Games, we design role-playing games about vice, inhumanity and suffering. On this site you’ll find terrible games about terrible people in terrible situations.

We don’t design games to make a moral point or push an agenda. We don’t design games to offend you or your sociology professor or your congressman. We do it because we believe there is fun to be had in exploring tragedy and depravity with your friends in the safety of your kitchen, den or mother’s basement. Yes, fun. These are fun games. Or they should be.

Have fun.


Misery Tourism Games is the baby of Rudy Johnson and William Duryea, who love what they’ve created, horrifying birth defects and all.

We’ve made alpha drafts of three of our role-playing games available for the website’s launch. These games are not finished, but they’ve been playtested and edited. They will be revised and updated as we receive comments and suggestions. We plan to regularly release more games and more content for existing games. A logo and, possibly, less cheesy slider images are also in the works. More information on our future plans will be posted soon.

This site supports comments on both blog posts and games, and you can find our email, twitter and social networking pages in the links above. Any and all feedback is appreciated, no matter how belligerent.

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    Misery Tourism Games - Our Miserable Future

    […] New games will be posted on the first day of the month, and will be presented in a form similar to the three games currently on the site. This means they will be alpha drafts that have been playtested by our friends, relatives and any of the local homeless who will play for less than one cigarette per hour. They will be fully playable, but they might still have a few bugs and the presentation will stink. All of the games will, of course, fit the Misery Tourism mission statement. […]

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