Want to Talk About It?

Have you played one (or more) of our games? If you have, we’d like to hear about your experiences.

To use the jargon of our (non)profession, we’re looking for actual play reports.

But we’re not looking for transcripts of play or attempts to objectively describe how the mechanics functioned in your group.

No, we’re looking for expressionistic actual play reports. We want to know how it felt to play the game. We want to know what you were imagining as you played, how you saw the reality that you created through play. We want to know if you were offended, or amused, or bored. And we don’t care whether you loved the game, or hated it.

And we want to share your experiences on our site.

So record a video, or an audio clip. Or write something, quickly, on whatever you have at hand. Write it on a receipt from the liquor store, or your welfare check, or a handkerchief stained with tuberculous blood. Write it narrative style, or stream of consciousness, or as an angry vulgarity filled rant.

And then send it to us. Send it to us, and we will post it, regardless of whether it reflects positively or negatively on us. Also, we’ll put a link to your blog or gaming site or whatever else you’d like in the post. (But, please, play the game first. We are looking for responses to actual play, not reviews of the text.)

Oh, and since I know we have a (small) international audience: feel free to use your native language. If Rudy and I can’t read Italian or Polish or Lojban, that’s our problem, not yours.

You can send any and all AP reports to whduryea at miserytourism.com.


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