Tweets from the Ghost of George Orwell

It’s an understatement to say that Trump’s presidency is off to a contentious start. Certainly presidents don’t generally provoke constitutional crises during their first full week in office. There is cause for concern.

The natural impulse of educated minds during moments like these is to turn to George Orwell. Who better than the author of 1984 and Animal Farm to give us perspective on the mechanisms (and perhaps future) of our present state of political dysfunction?

So I did the thing that we all do when we want to wring some fresh insight out of a famous mind. I hit him up on twitter:


The response I received was, frankly, rather blunt:

So it’s safe to say that Trump’s presidency has rattled the bones of the great anti-fascist polemicist.

But not every deceased political theorist is ready to admit defeat:

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