The Shining Tower of Happy Love

The Shining Tower of Happy Love, also known as “Olgaeb’s Tower,” is a Tower of Babel-like structure that rises from the Wilted Jungle and extends upwards into Heaven, winding its way through the cosmos as it goes.  Home to the necromancer-warlord Abby Olgaeb and her winsome band of child soldiers, the Tower is mostly used to ferry military aid up to the besieged Heavenly Host.  Its construction is impossible;  it depends entirely on handwavium to stand (Cherubic Worldbuilders worked with Olgaeb to create it after securing the support of her armies).  

The primary feature of the tower is the “Back End,” a huge elevator that moves troops and supplies upwards rapidly.  The “Front End,” where Olgaeb herself is said to reside, is somewhat mysterious to everyone.  Shown below is the most ubiquitous depiction of the inside, as drawn by Bacha Longstrider, Olgaeb’s favorite “dancing boy.”  

If Longstrider’s drawing is to be believed, the tower is basically a big playhouse for child soldiers, though it probably can’t be taken as literal truth.  A rambling poem accompanies the drawing.  Thought to be an expression of the boy’s complicated feelings about his service under Olgaeb, the poem was later made into a song by the Cherubic punk rock band “Fuck You,” and used as a protest-anthem by the Rebels.  Portions of the picture were used on the cover of the band’s debut album, Fuck That.

For the poem, read grey text as you scroll downwards, and then read the yellow text after you’ve reached the bottom and start scrolling up again (assuming you want to read the poem at all).  

Olgaeb’s Tower

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