Did you expect the captain of the football team to piss himself when you pointed your rifle at him?  Maybe.  You sure didn’t expect him to try to eat your flesh.  Something terrifying has happened, and now your carefully laid plans for a school massacre have been turned on their head.  But heck, you’ve got the ammo, you’ve got the adrenaline, and you’ve got some time before the authorities mobilize.  Yes, you’re going to enjoy yourself one way or another.  Bullies and undead beware!

  • Create characters on-the-fly at the beginning of the game with an in-character police interrogation scene
  • Match wits with the game master in a game of chess, where your moves affect your control over the narrative
  • Two distinct sections of gameplay, The Shooting and The Hordes, that provide two very different types of horror
  • Shoot bullies and shit!

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 Available in The Misery Index

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