Shit Comics ISSUE #16: “FLOWERS”


Cube McDravian is a post-human, post-gender, post office clusterfuck situated in the bowels of melkrin’s Hell.

Most inhabitants are human, but the post-human Others (a small minority of hydra-like beings) are in control of the somewhat unstable government.  On a good day, the governing body has its shit together enough to project its utopian vision of a world without human forms of identity (race, gender, sexuality, and other things considered to be “negative”).

This comic depicts a good day.  In it, a Cube morality officer dispenses flowers (a rarity) to those who obey the strict dress code, and justice to one particular Rich Dude who doesn’t.

The claw shown in some of the frames is an implement used by various government entities.  Powered by Isotope-39, a gift from Heaven, it has the power to transform Things into Other Things (it’s most commonly used to change humans into Others as a reward for extreme Party loyalty).  It can also do cool stuff like rearrange the city, which is built on a Rubik’s Cube.


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