Rose Petals



World wheeling and frantic minds reeling
Stumbling, bumbling, back into feeling,
Candle lit room, now all burnt out
Flames flicker with Icarus’ doubt
Still lingering, colored brown
These Roses pedal, listless on the ground

I follow them and hold my breath
An anticipation, a runaway, so silently I crept
Toes brush soft vermillion velvet,
Such a feeling I haven’t since felt it.
Pedal but where do browning red petals lead?
In my mind a mildew feeds
I cross its margin and slip,
The strewn petals smoothing silk slick.

Heart fluttering, heart beating, throbbing
Steady, fuzzy– Why reach for petals sobbing?

They were dripping, crimson eyes weeping
Then they dissolved between blinks–
Leading loveliness, lonely and forsaken.

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