Our Miserable Future

Now that the site has been online for a few days and Rudy and I have had some time to evaluate the response we’ve received, we’re ready to talk about the future of Misery Tourism Games.

First, I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to look at our games and give us feedback. The reactions so far–both positive and negative–have been fascinating and awesome. Keep them coming.

But we don’t want this to be a one sided deal. Rudy and I realize that if we want to keep you reading, talking about and playing our games, we have to keep providing fresh content.

With that in mind, Rudy and I have decided that we will make one new game available each month.

New games will be posted on the first day of the month, and will be presented in a form similar to the three games currently on the site. This means they will be alpha drafts that have been playtested by our friends, relatives and any of the local homeless who will play for less than one cigarette per hour. They will be fully playable, but they might still have a few bugs and the presentation will stink. All of the games will, of course, fit the Misery Tourism mission statement.

This is possible because we have a sizable backlog of unfinished to mostly finished games. One month gives us enough time to rewrite our design documents and do a couple of additional playtest sessions, so we won’t be taking these games from first idea to finished draft in just thirty days.

On days other than the first of the month, we’ll be adding revised drafts and bonus content for existing games.

We won’t have a fixed schedule for this. When revisions become available will depend on how many groups decide to playtest each game and provide feedback, and the frequency and quality of feedback we receive.

We hope to make bonus content available fairly regularly. Bonus content might mean modules or hacks for existing games, or it might mean extra options for gameplay or character creation.

Here are a few examples of bonus content you might see in the future for the three games presently online:

  • New Ranks and Temptations for Danse Macabre.
  • Variants for Passing to allow you to use the game’s paranoia mechanics with different characters and scenarios
  • Death’s Head, Rudy’s Ronnie Award winning hack of student/ZOMBIE, set during the holocaust.

So, in short: stick around for new games, new content, and new misery.

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