Our Miserable Future Revisited

With ten games online and the year coming to a close, I thought now would be a good time for a quick update about the future of Misery Tourism Games.

First, the big news:

Print Collection. Kickstarter. Soon.

Rudy and I are planning a kickstarter to (hopefully) fund a print collection of the games that we’ve released so far. The plan is for the collection to include expanded, polished versions of each of our games, plus artwork, and perhaps some scenarios, new content, and a hack or two (stretch goals permitting).

We still have some research to do. We need to get a few quotes for printing, art, and layout together so that we know what our goals should be. We should have more information for you soon.

Unfortunately, this will mean an investment of time that might otherwise go into game design, so we are suspending our monthly new game releases for the foreseeable future. I hope to have some new material for you this month, and you will likely see the alpha draft of a new game pop up from time to time as we’re inspired, but we won’t be continuing with the same rigid monthly schedule.

If you’re interested in the kickstarter, and would like to help out, you might consider:

  • playing one of our games and telling us what you think. The more feedback we get, the better prepared we’ll be.
  • sending us any stray useful information you might have, particularly printer recommendations and other practical tidbits.
  • reaching out to us yourself, if you do layout, or know someone who does, or if you enjoy (or appreciate) our games and want to talk about contributing a stretch goal.

Any and all of the above can be sent to whduryea[at]miserytourism.com.

That’s pretty much all I have to offer right now. Expect another miserable update soon. (And, no, I am never going to get tired of lazily adding “miserable” to every post I make. Sorry.)

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