The Misery Index is Available Now!


Did you miss your chance to back The Misery Index on Kickstarter? Or maybe you didn’t even know the collection existed at all before now?

Well, good/terrible news! We have a bunch of books left over (and an infinite number of PDFs).

Copies are available for sale here. The page also contains images and more information about the collection.

Or, if you just want a quick synopsis:

The Misery Index is a collection of eight tabletop games about human suffering.

This collection confronts subjects ranging from racial and cultural violence to sexual abuse, class conflict, and mental illness, and do so through the lens of multiple genres, including science fiction, sword and sorcery, cyberpunk, supernatural horror, and superhero fantasy. Each game is played differently, and all of the games are designed to be easy to learn, but hard to forget. The games draw inspiration from a number of sources, including role playing games, board games, card games, and improvisational theater. The mechanics have been carefully chosen to compliment each game’s subject matter.



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