Our first words are fiction,” he told me, smirking as he jangled his handcuff chains. “We don’t know what a ‘Mama’ is and we don’t know our Dada from a dadaist. We’re creating our parents as we name them, and in that first word we’re already perverting them to meet our expectations, our needs and desires. That first word is a request or a demand, and never anything else. Even God created the universe with words. Even He is a liar. Even He only knows what He says He knows. And you’re asking me if I did it? And you expect the truth, and nothing but?” – Grigory Kozlov, Notes on an Interrogation (transl. F. H. Barrett)

 Inspired by films like Rashomon and fiction’s many unreliable narrators, Innocence is a game about how the perspective of the storyteller shapes the story told. In the game, multiple narrators will tell their version of a contentious event—an event in which they have a personal stake, and about which they have every reason to lie, even to themselves.

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