Fatimah’s Busy Day

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The youngest player is Fatimah.  

Others play her anthropomorphic burqa, Amir.  

Fatimah is running errands before going on a trip.  

Using the prompts below as guidelines, play out scenes from Fatimah’s day.

[Open-Air Market], [Alleyways]

Fatimah’s world is blue-tinted, because Amir is blue, but Amir can see its true colors.  Amir, describe these to her as she travels, highlighting details that her screened saccades miss.  

[Open-Air Market], [Alleyways], [Mosque]

Fatimah’s world is dangerous, because people are desperate and violent, but Amir protects her from harm.  Amir, tell how you turn away gazes, camouflage her movements, and render her invisible to potential bad actors.  

[House], [Graveyard], [Alleyways]

Fatimah’s friends and family are in turmoil, because the world is bleak.  They are upset that she is going away.  They grasp at Fatimah.  Amir, tell Fatimah how they feel, but be mindful of her feelings, too.

Whenever Amir speaks, everyone talks all at once.  Through the noise, Fatimah chooses which narratives to silence, one by one, by saying “Hush…” and the speaker’s name.  The remaining narrative(s) become what is real.  When ready, Fatimah can silence everyone—and just exist—before ending the scene.

End play when Fatimah leaves for her trip.

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