Six Page Manual is game of serious, thematic role-playing. It is about things thought about in dark room, at night waking, alone, but now experienced as party game with good friends. It is about genocide, hunger, child negligence, and European Union Declaration 168B controversy. It is not for play while drunk with other boys in basement, rolling fifteen side die.

In Six Page Manual you will put yourself in shoe leather of suffering persons throughout world, face their difficulty, and overcome—or fail!

But is not game of task resolution and dragon murder, so do not get wrong idea.

Available in English for the first time, 6 Page Manual is a competitive social game like no other. Part improv, part jeep; give your friends increasingly ludicrous punishments for their role-playing transgressions. With one million possible character combinations and three hundred different punishments, it is almost infinitely replayable.

Why are you reading this hype? You could be reading the game. It’s only six pages long. (Except for the other nineteen pages.)

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 Available in The Misery Index

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