We’re officially half way there! We need less than $1,500 to reach our funding goal and make The Misery Index a terrible reality.

The last week has been truly amazing, with lots of discussion (and, yes, controversy) about these games and this project. And that’s awesome. There’s nothing more flattering than watching people debate the merits of your work, even if you disagree with their position.

Rudy and I are doing everything we can to raise the profile of this project, and to explain the inspiration and motivation for its creation.

You can find a very thorough interview that I did about the project with blogger Jinx Strange here: http://jinxstrange.com/2013/08/10/company-loves-misery-interview-with-william-duryea-co-creator-of-the-misery-index-terrible-games-about-terrible-realities/

We also recorded podcast interviews with Misdirect Mark, Live by the Die, Die by the Die, and Rolling Intentions that should be online within the next few days.

But if  this project is going to succeed, we’ll need help spreading the word. If you’re excited about our games, please pass the project link around to others you think might be interested. And, of course, it always helps to hit up facebook, Google+, twitter, etc.

Oh, and if you’re talking about us on twitter, use the hashtag #itsashed. It won’t really help the project at all, but it’ll be super cool anyway.

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